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Paint Drier

Paint Drier

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Driers are important additives for paints & coatings as they speed up the autoxidation process. Without these drying catalysts the cross-linking process slows down, allowing the paint layer to dry only after some months post application. With driers the formation of a hard film is accomplished typically within a few hours after paint application.

Driers are mainly metal octoates and naphthanates and the function of the drier is determined mainly by the metal component of the drier compound, such as cobalt octoate. Cobalt is the most active drying catalyst at ambient drying conditions. However, other driers play an essential role in film hardness and performance.

Goldstab offers driers with very high purity and consistent viscocity that ensures consistent performance in terms of drying time and properties of the paint film after complete drying.

Product Table

Cobalt Octoate 3%, 6%, 8%, 10%, 12%
Manganese Octoate 6%, 8%, 10%
Lead Octoate 18%, 24%, 32%, 36%
Iron Octoate 4%, 6%
Zinc Octoate 6%, 12%, 18%
Cerelium Octoate 6%, 10%, 12%
Zirconium Octoate 6%, 12%, 18%, 24%
Strontium Octoate 10%
Barium Octoate 12%
Calcium Octoate 3%, 5%, 6%, 10%
Potassium Octoate 15%
Copper Naphthanate 6%, 8%, 8.6%
Zinc Naphthanate 6%
Lithium Naphthanate 2%

Goldstab: A winning formula.


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