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Wires and Cables

Stablizer for PVC cables and wires

About Application:

Insulations and sheathings of wires and cables are made by covering conducting material with PVC. It provides excellent volume resistivity in all weather conditions. Goldstab has served the wire and cable industry for a long time successfully by fulfilling the ever-changing expectations and requirements of the industry. The use of Goldstab additive imparts long working life of wires and cables and also improves specific attributes such as heat stability, electrical properties and mechanical properties.

Today, Goldstab has a wide range of stabilizers covering the complete gamut of applications for service temperatures starting from 70°C to 125°C, sheathing to Fire Retardant and Low Smoke application that provides under-water heat stability and long lasting color. Apart from these, Goldstab offers a range of Lead-free stabilizers, Lead-based one pack stabilizers as well as Lead based individual stabilizers like Tri Basic Lead Sulphate.

Product Table

Calcium Based Stabilizer

Application Product Code Key Features
Sheathing (70°C) Goldstab CZ 5065 Versatile & economical formulation for dark coloured sheathing
Goldstab CZ 5095 Versatile product for brighter shades
Sheathing (90°C) Goldstab CZ 5095 P Versatile product for brighter shades
Type A wire Goldstab CZ 5088 S Specially designed for bright white shades
Goldstab CZ 5093 Good thermal stability and versatile product for brighter shades
Goldstab CZ 5094 K Better color hold and lower water absorbtion
Type B (House wire) and Type C wire Goldstab CZ 5094 K 100 % HVDC passing & excellent colour hold
Goldstab CZ 54095
Goldstab CZ 54097
Goldstab CZ 54102
Fire Retardant Low Smoke wire Goldstab CZ 54097 K Can sustain upto 105ºC ageing temperatue
Goldstab CZ 54156
Automobile Wire Harness Goldstab CZ 54150 Specially designed for automobiles

Note: Various other grades available to suit specific needs of customers

Lead Based One Pack Stabilizer

Application Product Grade Key Features
Sheathing Goldstab 4014 VP General Purpose and reprocessed material
Type A, Type B and Type C Goldstab 4017 Excellent electrical properties such as V.R
Type B (House wire) and Type C Goldstab 4618 K Designed for high speed extruders
Goldstab 4620 Non - dusting stabilizer

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